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Do the ‘Inspired by’ perfumes from MAK PERFUMES smell the same as the originals?

Yes!! All the perfume oils for our “Inspired by the original designer fragrances” or “generic type” range are imported from Europe and are of the highest quality. In addition, each of our “Inspired by the original designer fragrance” or “generic type” fragrances go through a rigorous in-house “Nose” test to check that the smell is a perfect match to the original before it is introduced into our range.

Yes, we compare it against the original to ensure that the smell is a perfect match!

How long does the “Inspired by” perfumes from MAK Inspirations last?

The number one factor that will determine how long a fragrance lasts on your skin is the quality and the quantity of perfume oil used in a fragrance and also the climate plays a very important role.
If you live in a Hot and Humid environment, The perfume will not stay more than 2-4 hours.

What is the quality of the perfume oils used in the Mak Inspirations “Inspired by” Fragrances?

At Mak Inspirations, we only use “Grade A” perfume oils imported from Europe.

What Fragrances do you (MAK) sell?

“Inspired by the original designer fragrances” or “generic type” – These are “Inspired by the original designer fragrances” or “generic types” of the original designer perfume and are sold in a modern glass bottle. Like other ‘generic type’ products, such as prescription medication, these Fragrances have similar qualities and effectiveness of the originals but are NOT from the original designer.

What is the dosage of perfume oils used in the “Inspired by” Fragrances

All our Fragrances are dosed at 18- 20 %, fragrances should last at least 25- 30% longer on your skin which is 6-10 hours depending totally on climatic conditions.

How can Mak Perfumes offer such high quality “Inspired by” fragrances at such affordable prices?

The answer is simple. Like the manufacturer of any products all our “Inspired by fragrances have the qualities and effectiveness as that of any branded product, but without us having to spend masses of money on branding, marketing, advertising, sponsorships, etc. etc. This means we can pass these cost savings onto you.