Get noticed with the perfume you wear!

As everyone loves to smell good these

So we got inspired by the best designers
Perfumes and created our own versions.
Value for money ! Affordable by all !
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Just like many fashion brands are inspired by great designers, so are our fragrances.
Designer fragrances are expensive, so we created an affordable alternative.

Art & Science of Perfumery

Each one of our fragrances is created by perfumers trained in the ancient art of
perfumery. We Source our Fragrance oils from the best know Companies in Europe
who have mastered the art of making Fragrances for decades, These companies
use their laboratories make use of advanced scientific instruments to analyze the
ingredients and formulas used to create the great classic fragrances. Our perfumers
then create fragrances that are inspired by these classics yet affordable to all.
All OUR perfumes you have a higher percentage of Fragrance oil, which means the
concentration of perfume oil used is highler for longer lasting fragrance.
All our Perfumes will last for at least 6-8 hours , This all depends on the Climatic Conditions and
the Body Temperature to which the perfume reacts.

All our fragrances are free of animal cruelty. The scents are not tested on animal and
do not contain any animal ingredients.

Fragrance families

Experts classify Fragrances into fragrance families. Each of these fragrance families
has distinct fragrance profiles that often are characterized by a mood they create.



Fresh Citrus

Dominated by citrus notes these are the freshest fragrances.



Based on a single floral note such as rose or jasmine or on a bouquet of florals these
fragrances are classic and feminine.



Based on exotic ingredients and spices and often containing vanilla extracts these
fragrances are the most sensuous fragrances.



A combination of floral notes and oriental notes creates a Floriental which is both
floral and oriental – feminine and sensuous.



Fresh Citrus

Dominated by citrus notes these are the freshest fragrances.



Made with herbaceous notes from Provence such as Lavender, Rosemary and
Thyme, these fragrances are both fresh and masculine.



Dominated by woody notes, sandalwood, and patchouli these are rugged and